Summer Exhibition
We are now collecting prints for showing at the summer exhibition which will be held in the Pwllheli library foyer from September 3rd until September 16th.

Please contact either Jackie Mitchell or Peter Milnes if you have any prints that you would like to be included.
The Societies of Photographers
Please refer to the website Public Competitions page for details about a competition.
Computer clean up
I've just found and removed 720 threats on the club computer! These must have come in on peoples memory sticks.
Please check your computer and download the following FREE computer clean up programmes which will remove any threats and nasty stuff on the computer. The threats which are called malware and slow up your computer are clever and bypass your firewall and your antivirus programmes.
These programmes are
1) Ccleaner from Piriform -
2) Malwarebytes from -
Ignore all the promotion stuff and go for the free download.
I suggest you download and run Ccleaner first as it removes the left over bits from your internet browsing - Ccleaner stands for crap cleaner! Then download and run the Malwarebytes programme.
The Ccleaner warns you that its about to permanently delete stuff but don't worry about that. They are both easy to follow and I suggest you run the programmes about once a month.
Crap cleaner won't take long, but if you're using a well used desk top computer, Malwarebytes could take a long time, ie hours!
New link to Lens Buying Guide
See Links Page for this post.
Extreme Macro Photography
A link to this subject has been added to our Links page
Audio Visual Page
We now have another new page for Audio Visual information.
Guide to Monochrome
Fran has now prepared an article to help us improve our monochrome images.
Please see the Articles page for a Guide to this technique
Mount Cutting and Frames
A local framer will cut you mounts and make frames at a very reasonable price
CONTACT: David Parkinson, Tan y Fynwent Llaniestyn
Tel (01758) 730 762.