Audio Visual

IAC Peter Coles International AV Festival
with PAGB Patronage - 06/2016

Capel Curig, North Wales LL24 0EE
Saturday 12th at 14:00 pm to Sunday 13th at 17:00 pm

Closing date for entries is Monday, February 1st 2016

The International Jury are:
Keith Leedham, Ian Bateman and Jeff Mansell

More Details & Entry Form

Contact Marion Waine for more information about entering and/or attending

Full details on

We are hoping to increase the amount of audio visual work that we do within the club and any news will appear on this page

Here is some information on activity in North West Wales

An International Competition is held every year at Capel Curig - the next being on the 12/13th March 2016. The closing date for entries is 1st Feb 2016. Details will be available on website in a few weeks time. A good source of information is .

The IAC (the video clubs equivalent of the PABG) can provide music licences both for clubs and individuals. To get all them you need to be a member of the IAC. It may be possible to get some via other organisations such as the RPS. There is lots of information on the IAC website. The club licence doesn't cover individual members work just club made sequences.

Creating an AV

Create a file to contain all images that you will be using.
Decide on an approximate order and rename them so they are in the correct order
Import the images
Drop the images onto a timeline
Introduce the Transitions
Decide on a time length for each image
Apply the Ken Burns Effect
Make a title Page (see below)
Make an End Page
Insert any sub titles
Apply the music
Don't forget to create a file and save to desktop!!

Title and End Pages

Here are just a few ideas for making a Title page
An Image
A Plain Background with Text
A Complex Background with Text
A Logo
An Icon
A Map or Roadsign